Twin Cities Disc Dog Club


This is a page for our members to shine. Each member can have their own page with pictures and video links to their dogs. If you want to know more about your fellow club members, this is the place to look!

New Members

Welcome to the TCDDC. Please take a minute and e-mail your information and any pictures you'd like on your page to the webmaster at Thanks!

Current Members

  • Sara Amala and "Dash" (Aussie) and "Lucy" (Border Collie)
  • Angie Boughton and "Tazer, Sniper and Slate" (Border Collie)
  • Cindy Dawson and "Andy and Frida" (Border Collie)
  • Nathan Dahlberg and "Jackie" (border collie)
  • Paul Dragovich and "Buddy and Pixie" (Border Collies)
  • Dan Epley and "Baxter" (Aussie, BC Mix)
  • Autumn Grimm and "Breeze" (Border Collie)
  • Eric Johnson and "Roo" (border collie)
  • Jennifer LaMere and "Dash" (sheltie)
  • Melissa LaMere-Dragovich and "Tag, Zinc and Reckon" (Border Collies), and "Torque" (Lab), and "Mia" (Beglian Malinois)
  • Cheri, Wayne and Miranda McClaine and "Splash and Fire" (labs)
  • Josie Moen and "Dusty and Roo" (ACD)
  • Kim Nygard and "Riot" (border collie)
  • David Talbot and "Kiki and Warden" (GSD's)
"Tyde" owned by Melissa LaMere

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